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Product Showcase — Tower Lighting

2017-06-01 07:16:44

Product Showcase — Tower Lighting Combo White Strobe/Red Beacon The all-LED BKON medium-intensity white strobe and red beacon from Fuellgraf Chimney & Tower is designed for the lighting of communications towers and other obstructions to aerial navigation, as specified by the FAA and FCC. The dual L-864/L-865 uses LED technology for light output from both the red beacon and white strobe. Unlike conventional Xenon flashtube technology, little or no maintenance is required during its lifetime. Working voltages of less than 48–200 VDC are significantly less than the 1,000 + VDC of Xenon flashtube designs; therefore, this system represents an advance in safety. The BKON dual L-864/L-865 LED beacon operates from a 120/240 VAC or 48 VDC supply. The power supply/control box can be located up to 550 feet away from the light engine using 18 AWG cable, such as at the base of the tower. LED Obstruction Lighting System The Vanguard Red FTS 371 from Flash Technology is an FAA L-864 medium-intensity LED obstruction lighting system. Designed for redonly telecom, utility and MET tower lighting, the lighting system features flexibility for avian and non-avian programming and a variety of monitoring options. The lighting system, which comes with a five-year warranty, meets requirements for structures under 350 feet AGL (FAA A0 and A1 tower types) and complies with FAA AC 70/7460-1L and 1K as well as Transport Canada, ICAO 6th edition and DGAC regulations. Light Pole Power Extender Ventev’s multiport power extender enables continuous operation of access points, surveillance cameras and other PoE+ (power over Ethernet) devices that are installed on light poles with intermittent AC power. Designed for light poles controlled by timers or photocells, the extender powers devices for as long as 18 hours during daylight hours and recharges batteries within six hours at night when AC power is available. The extender provides PoE+ for wireless access points and an additional 35 watts of PoE power for one to two other devices. Lighting Controller The Slatercom WCD FAA E-2 medium- intensity lighting controller incorporates all three Dialight D1RW lighting controllers required for an E-2 system in a single NEMA enclosure. All interconnections for system sync, power and photocell wiring are complete, leaving only flashhead, a single AC power connection and photocell wiring to be completed. The completed system is then completely tested and adjusted as necessary. Systems can be supplied with flashing, steady on, or no marker lights to comply with the latest FAA A/C. Various monitoring systems are available, integrated into the same enclosure (Sensaphone WEB600 monitoring shown). Medium-intensity LED Tower Light Hughey & Phillips’ Horizon LED medium-intensity dual (red/white) lighting system combines a daytime white LED light and a nighttime red LED light into a single flashhead. The system is self-contained and has a 20-foot pigtail to simplify wiring and installation. With its available GPS or photocell option, the system allows the flashhead to be used at any site. Advanced features include replaceable LED modules, cutting edge optics, individual LED monitoring and bypass and active lightning protection (patent pending). An internal dry contact alarm point allows remote monitoring directly at the flashhead, if a controller is not used. The flashhead’s compact, lightweight design allows for easy installation at new or retrofit projects and is covered by a five-year warranty. NVG Lighting Modification System Hughey & Phillip’s Halo infrared modification system provides an infrared visual indicator for structures lit with LED technology so anti-collision beacons can be seen with night-vision googles (NVGs). Current LED technology in FAA L-864 and L-865 lighting fixtures may not be visible during NVG operations. The Halo system can be added to any manufacturer’s installed medium-intensity LED lighting fixture. The infrared modification system will automatically flash in sync with the lighting fixture during night operation via a patentpending optical interface. The system will also mimic the flash duration of the installed fixture. The infrared modification system is self-monitored with a dry-contact alarm providing the tower owner verification of operation because it is not visible to the naked eye. The system can also be easily upgraded to future infrared specifications without the need to replace the existing mediumintensity LED flashhead. Mounting of the system is done quickly and easily by simply loosening the four mounting bolts, sliding the bracket under any flashhead and tightening the bolts. Wiring is done with #18-6C cable that will interconnect at supplied terminal boxes on the bracket and in the shelter. Obstruction Lighting Monitoring System The Unimon IOT monitoring solution from Unimar offers remote monitoring and control for obstruction lighting, generators and other equipment. It features security and safety in an easy-to-use, economical package. It is designed to provide industrial system status and error indication along with the best troubleshooting, diagnostics and remote control, all of which are easily accessible through virtually any web browser anywhere in the world. A field technician or engineer can access a system on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop to display system status, view data logs, perform remote test and diagnostics, and control the system. The user can also remotely override the system and perform advanced test and diagnostics. In the event of a status change or alarm condition, alerts can be sent immediately through a variety of user configurable methods. Obstruction Lamps The Task-Master obstruction lamps from H&H Industries are independently tested to meet or exceed all FAA regulations. The 116-watt lamps feature strong C-9 filament construction to burn brightly and dependably through shock and vibration for 8,000 maintenance-free hours. The nickel-plated brass base cannot corrode or freeze in the socket. The lamps come with a one-year freereplacement warranty. Medium-Intensity LED Obstruction Lighting TWR Lighting’s L550-D series (white) and L550-E (dual red and white) are FAA L-864/865 medium-intensity LED aviation obstruction lighting systems designed for reliable day and nighttime marking of structures between 200 feet and 700 feet AGL (above ground level) that represent a hazard to aviation. The systems meet the FAA AC70/7460-1L specifications and comply with multiple international standards, including ICAO Annex 14, CAR 621 (Canada) and DGAC (Mexico). The L550 D&E systems feature a single combined power and alarm connection cable for easy installation, a modular designed controller, wireless or TCP/IP monitoring options for monitoring beacon failure, heartbeat (active confirmation), power and photocell functionality, as well as custom NOC software and service options. Lighting Controllers Farlight’s advanced NV-Series LED obstruction light controllers allow site operators to reliably monitor the latest low-power LED beacons and marker lights. Farlight manufactures alarmed controllers that operate from 100 volts to 277 volts AC, as well as 12 volts to 48 volts DC. Models are available to match all common tower configurations; they feature surge protection on all outputs and inputs, plus an array of alarm contacts to report on all aspects of system health. The controllers are compatible with all Farlight LED obstruction lights, as well as most other LED obstruction lights. Dual LED Beacon Farlight’s NV-L864-865LED beacon incorporates the latest in LED technology. Robust surge protection and a ground-based power supply make the system highly reliable and easy to maintain. The flashhead is compact, lightweight and easy to install. Farlight’s night-vision goggle-friendly obstruction light technology is included as a standard feature on every beacon.

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